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Behind the scenes of Chicago’s Lollapalooza with super star, country singer CAM

Cam talks inspiration, artistry, and endeavors outside of music with CBM.

CAM at Chicago's lollapalooza.

Photo by Code B Magazine

“Re-evaluating your life, your choices, how we all coexist with each other which has bought me into question."

By Regina Washington

My interview behind the scenes of Chicago’s Lollapalooza with CAM was truly an honor to sit down with a beautiful green eyed curly blonde Country Singer with this amazing long sheer orange dress as we sat down to chat, we immediately had something in common, being a parent as she is a mother of a beautiful 19 month old.

We touched on how it was for CAM during the ruff times of the pandemic being in quarantine. I got a chance to ask this CAM who would be her dream collaboration work in the future of making music? I think she was shocked to know that we were aware that she speaks multiple languages and was once in a high school chorus that traveled around the world in which she sang in a diversified range of cultural languages.

CAM told us that she still remembers some of the languages and told us which one she still can interpret and sing in. The stage in which she gives her Country Style singing her all and believe me when I say she is fire! on the stage, so hearing her beautiful voice full of energy brings pure joy to your heart… Listen in on our Live one-on- one interview from Chicago’s Lollapalooza.



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