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MJ - Broadway The Musical

New York- Neil Simon

Tickets starting at $79.99 

MJ the Musical JPG.JPG

Stay intouch with events that Code B Magazine will attend in cities around the world...  We're about to take you on a full journey to ride with us and feed in on our adventures. You will be able to live chat and view live accuring events. We will list events you can attend in your state or country...



HISTORIC VENUES – Where New York Begins

This iconic New York landmark is a vibrant symbol of downtown’s renaissance. A dynamic destination for the arts, entertainment and culture, forging a vital new connection to the community, Angel Oresanz Foundation is more than a bustling hub in the heart of the lower east side. It’s a true cultural hub connecting the infinitely varied and wonderful elements of one of the world’s great cities… a gateway to the best of New York.


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