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A Lollapalooza's Spectacular Event featuring SAYMYNAME "Ooh" Baby he lit that stage up!

Code B Magazine at Chicago’s Lollapalooza 30th Anniversary world’s largest event since the pandemic

Photo by Code B Magazine. Behind the scenes of Lollapalooza with SAYMYNAME.

“I love when I play "the drop" when you can hear everyone just go like Ooh! It's louder than the music sometimes."

By Regina Washington

Meeting SAYMYNAME for the first time was a complete delight. He was very polite and such a gentleman. Very tall too! We got a chance to talk about his music field, his love for animals and future endeavored projects. It was fun to see his energy rock on stage. The crowd was blown away with his wave of musical sounds. This DJ/producer knows how to lay it with an all out performance for his huge crowd of followers. I stood and observed how as soon as his announcement came on stage everyone started immediately running to the stage to see his performance. I have to say I was one of those people jamming along with them. Wow! is an understatement. I definitely can understand why so many people love SAYMYNAME… Take a listen to our live interview at Chicago’s Lollapalooza.



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