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Today, genre-blurring maverick Boslen joins forces with producer Y2K for the contemplative collaboration, “FALLEN STAR.” Listen HERE. This is the second taste of the alt-rapper’s GONZO project, due later this year from Chaos Club Digital/Capitol Records. Boslen’s emotional storytelling is elevated by Y2K’s (Doja Cat, Iann Dior, Tove Lo) soaring synths. The track follows his unrelenting take on “LEVELS.”

“Found myself just looking for the stars,” Boslen croons on the melancholy hook, before veering into sharp, insightful rapped verses that double as evocative vignettes of his life story. “Self-doubt, on my own now / Single mother paying bills, how? Built her own house,” he raps in a hypnotic cadence, painting a moving portrait of his roots over Y2K’s hazy soundscape.

Boslen showcases the unusual malleability of his vocals as he harmonizes with Y2K’s cascading 808s while reflecting on the risks he took to pursue music. “FALLEN STAR” is his origin story with the bridge serving as a statement of intent. “This is the day that I’ll feed my soul,” he sings. “This is the day when the light must grow.” It’s intensely personal, but also wholly relatable to his growing legion of fans.

“FALLEN STAR” builds anticipation for the Vancouver native’s GONZO. Boslen already proved his world-building skills on 2021’s vivid DUSK to DAWN, which eclipsed over 25 million streams and earned critical acclaim from tastemakers. Atwood Magazine called it “the kind of record that needs to be felt in full in order to be understood at its core.” Flaunt said his music “is enticing and immediately catches your ear.” HotNewHipHop praised Boslen’s lyricism, stating that he places “his unique storytelling abilities on display with introspective and imaginative tracks,” while naming him one of their “Artists to Watch in 2022.”


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Boslen is a born trailblazer. The 23-year-old hip-hop experimenter lives in Vancouver, and the city’s people are key to the way he understands himself and his art. A land of contrasts — snowy peaks and warm water, beautiful nature and busy streets — it’s the perfect home for an artist who reconciles disparate energies, weaving together styles and sounds that don't intuitively connect. DUSK to DAWN, his Capitol Records debut, furthers this adventurous approach, mixing trap, pop, punk, and rock melodies, and it’s also directly inspired by his city, Vancouver drives him to be different, to achieve greatness when no one expects him to. Boslen first emerged as an artist in 2018, when he dropped out of school, moved to North Vancouver, and released the Motionless and Motionless II mixtapes. He found his footing in 2019 with the energetic, confrontational songs “Eye for an Eye” and “Hidden Nights,” which garnered millions of streams. In 2019, he released the Black Lotus EP, but even with so many songs out in the world, DUSK to DAWN feels like a step forward, full of boundary-pushing vocal experiments, heavier production, and shapeshifting transitions. The music finally matches the tumultuous emotions he’s captured in his lyrics all along. He may not be able to pull every listener into Vancouver, but he’s using the city’s contrasts as a backdrop to challenge everyone to think beyond themselves — to dream big.


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