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Chicago's very own Fashion Designer Stevie Edwards

Code B Magazine interviewed one of the Top Fashion Designer's of Chicago. Stevie Edwards, takes time out between photoshoots for his upcoming Fashion Week debut featuring his new clothing line.

It was a pleasure to speak with Fashion Designer for celebrities and more. He has been noted as "The New It Guy" by VOGUE.

Stevies creative styles has marked 2021's Fashion Week Runways of L.A., New York and London.

September 12, 2021 Spring/Summer 2022, New York Fashion Week, Stevie Edwards will feature his Sexy M/F Collection with LisaRaye debut walk at NYFW Live! at The New Yorker Hotel, 481, 8th Ave in New York.

Listen to our podcast with this incredible genius. How he started and what inspired him to go into the field of fashion. Stevie Edwards will also be featured in Code B Magazine.



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