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Code B Magazine attends DJ Cheez 50+ Weekend Birthday Bash in Chicago…

By Regina Washington

Saturday afternoon was the kickoff at Northside‘s “606 Cafe“ Plenty of food, drinks and great House Music with about 4 DJs on the 1s & 2s giving us a brunch filled pleasure…

Famous DJ Paris Cesvette flew in all the way from London to have a blast of fun at DJ Cheez 50+ Birthday Bash. We had so much fun dancing to pure grownups music.

DJ Cheez showed out by continuing his Birthday Bash Celebration at another club venue later Saturday night on the South Side of Chicago at “The Loft”. More food and plenty more drinks…

That’s when Paris Cesvette smoothed in her London vibes of House Music and there was truth in why men need us women to set things right!!!!!!!! Honey! She was pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 on Saturday night.

London’s very own Paris Cesvette sneaked up on the 1s & 2s and baptized the joint with her London Vibes of House Music that trailed into beats that voiced her sounds and swarmed everyone up close like magnets to the sound box that she occupied.

As I walked around to see her up close, I couldn’t help but to notice two legendary DJs Joe Claussell and Mark Francis was sitting behind her gazed into her music. It was a captioned that was of great admiration.

The night didn’t end until after 4a.m. but that’s how Chicago roll. After a late wee hours of the morning of partying, we would usually all go to a 24hr restaurant to eat breakfast and watch the sun come up. The views from the beaches of Chicago has a romantic scenery that still boasts testimonies.

Sunday morning refueling up for part 2 of DJ Cheez’s Birthday Bash, which was up north at “Le Nocturnes“ beautiful laser lights and great drinks. This place was jammed packed once again. DJ Paris Cesvette and I walk in and all you could hear was DJ serenadIng his audience as I watched my dear friend, swirl around the floor to the vibes of DJ Cheez’s house music.

Sunday night’s finale’ DJ Cheez warmed us up and pulled us into the deep caves of House Music, then Sadar Bahar fizzled us and strung us back and forth with the great appreciation of the 1s and the 2s as he prepared us for Joe Claussell who left me feeling like I needed a cigar after my love house music entanglement. Ooh Wee Chille! The 3 of these DJs can be dangerous all in one night! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽❤️❤️❤️ What a beautiful way to end the evening…



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