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Code B Magazine interview with Richard Gay at “The Prince Immersive Experience in Chicago”

If you‘re a Prince fan, you will definitely be in Purple Rain Heaven. The whole scene will make you feel connected with who he was and with what work he did. You will leave feeling as close to Prince as if he was still here in the present.

I took a private tour of “The Prince Immersive Experience” traveling up an elevator and was immediately greeted with a huge gold prince symbol that’s epic to see and yes, of course I took a photo!

First of all, I’m a huge Prince fan, so I was in purple heaven when I began to see the bio of his life. As those heavenly doors opened, I looked straight ahead walking into the Prince video of “ When Doves Cry” Wow! What an exhilarating moment it was to see the steam and that infamous bathtub. My imagination ran away with me thinking Prince was there pointing at me, inviting me to come join him...

Walking out through each room gave me chills that we’re enthralling. I don‘t want to spoil the experience, but I just want to say to please check it out for yourself, because I didn’t want to leave. I will just say that it was a majestic creation like none I’ve ever experienced.

Meeting the man who was a part of this Immersive experIence was Richard Gay, who's the Chief Officer of Operations. My face lit up as I stood watching him walk towards me. I was thinking what a handsome man he is... Our conversation was a delightful insight on what Prince the Immersive Experience is expected to give you.

I had a great time living in the moment of being able to see a part of who Prince was and even got a chance to rave up the purple ran motorcycle. Take a look at our live interview...



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