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Superstar and afrobeats icon Davido has new music coming out in May 2022,

Davido is a global multi- Grammy, Billboard and BET award winning artist that continues to draw his fans to him like a magnet. "Stand Strong" drops May 13th and he will be touring this summer throughout the US . Davido, who is a Nigerian native , who has spearheaded a worldwide Afrobeats revolution with smash hits like "Fall and If, as well as with his latest album, "A Better Time"

When I listened to his Prodigious new music, I could feel the congruous Nigerian Afrobeat vibes with inpiring, empowerment that pulled me swaying from left to right. I love and miss music like this. A true hit "Better Together" It's a message that will leave a sense for comaraderie, something we all need in this world...

I can't wait for you to hear "Stand Strong" you're going to love it. Coming Out in May 2022...

By Regina Washington


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