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Lollapalooza had "Forever" Superstar Hip Hop Artist Sa-Roc heating up the stage...

Code B Magazine at Chicago’s Lollapalooza 30th Anniversary world’s largest event since the pandemic.

Photo by Code B Magazine- Behind the scenes with Sa-Roc at Chicago's Lollapalloza

“It's always been a key for me to be consistent, to remain subsistent about telling my story and what I represent to the listeners.”

By Regina Washington

Sa-Roc was truly inspiring during our sit down interview. I was elated at her politeness and how intuitive she was on each question she was asked. Sa-Roc wasted no time in giving her full devotion by answering each question from her heart as she explained her appreciation and how she feels about the world of today's music. We dug deep and asked what she would tell her younger self and who she would love to collaborate with in the near future. Listen in on our live interview at Chicago’s Lollapalooza.


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